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CD Restorations of Recordings of

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra


There are many good CD restorations of the original Victor Red Seal recordings of Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra.  However, given the quality and variety of the original disks, it is surprising that there are not more such restorations, nor has there been, up until now, a concerted effort by any label to present an organized series of Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra recordings. 


Nearly all of the Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra recordings have appeared on CD at one time or another.  In fact, Mark Obert-Thorn in 2006 released on Music & Arts Programs of America a 4 CD set of virtually all of the Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra Victor recordings which had not previously been issued in the CD format.  [Note: this is excepting the acoustic recordings of Stokowski and the Philadelphians availble on Pristine Classical PASC 192 - The Acoustic Recordings of Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra volume 1 and Pristine Classical PASC 441 volume 2. ]  These Mark Obert-Thorn restorations of the Victor Red Seal recordings are, as usual when done by him a revelation as to the what quality can be rediscovered in the original recordings.  In particular, as well as using the finest sources, Mark Obert-Thorn achieves a transparency, and a satisfying bass reproduction, without being in any way "boomy" or heavy.  Highly recommended.

   Music & Arts CD-1173


The contents as listed by Music & Arts is:

CD 1 (58:42): VIVALDI (arr. Stokowski): Concerto Grosso in D minor (from L’estro armonico, Op. 3, No. 11) [1934]; PALESTRINA (orch. Stokowski): Adoramus te [1934]; FRESCOBALDI (orch. Stokowski): Gagliarda [1934]; LULLY (arr. Stokowski): Le Triomphe de l’Amour – Nocturne, Alceste—Prelude, Thesée [1930]; BYRD (orch. Stokowski): Pavane and Gigue [1937]; HANDEL (arr. Stokowski): Overture in D minor (Chandos Anthem No. 2) [1935]; Messiah—Pastoral Symphony - March [1930]; Music – Suite [1934]. CD 2 (75:54): BACH (orch. Stokowski): Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV565 [1934];Ich ruf ’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (Chorale Prelude, BWV639); Es ist Vollbracht (from the St. John Passion, BWV245) [1934]; Ein’ feste Burg (from Cantata No. 80, BWV80) [1933]; Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV582 [1929]; BOCCHERINI (arr. Stokowski): Minuet (from Quartet in E major, Op. 13, No. 5) [1929]; HAYDN (orch. Stokowski): Andante cantabile (from String Quartet in E major, Op. 3, No. 4) [1929]; BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 [1931]. CD 3(73:27): Outline of Themes for the Franck Symphony [1927]; FRANCK: Symphony in D minor [1927]; DEBUSSY: Nocturnes [1928, 1929, 1927]; Clair de lune (from Suite Bergamasque) (orch. Stokowski) [1937]; Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun [1940]. CD 4(74:52): WEBER(orch. Berlioz/Stokowski): Invitation to the Dance [1937]; BRAHMS: Symphony No. 4 in e, Op. 98 [1931]; Hungarian Dance No. 1 (orch. Stokowski) [1934]; STRAUSS II: Blue Danube—Waltz, Op. 314 ; Vienna Woods—Waltz, Op. 325 [1939]; STRAUSS: Salome—Dance of the Seven Veils [1929]; SOUSA: El Capitan—March [1929]; The Stars and Stripes Forever—March [1929].

Perhaps Naxos will eventually decide that a complete Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra recording restoration series is a next project for them.  Certainly, their other historic restorations, done by such leaders as Ward Marston and Mark Obert-Thorne and with excellent liner notes have been of the first quality.


The listing below is partial, and represents choices.  The source for a complete review of all CDs of Leopold Stokowski can be found at the superb site at Classical Net, titled The Complete Stokowski Compact Discography. 


This listing, created and regularly updated by the leading Stokowski scholar Robert M. Stumpf II describes and evaluates all the CDs issued containing the recordings of Leopold Stokowski.  Robert M. Stumpf, II is the President, and a key motivator of the Leopold Stokowski Society of America.  Mr. Stumpf offers a thoughtful and comprehensive review of an amazing variety of CD issues, including some that may now be difficult to locate.  This difficultly to locate some former Stokowski issues should remind us to strike now (purchase now), or run the risk that some of the fine recordings we may wish to appreciate are "gone with the wind".


Labels to Avoid:


There are, unfortunately, a number of labels that seem to me to simply take certain restorations of historic recordings and re-issue them under their own label.  These companies may add some added processing, perhaps with CEDAR or other processes, change equalization, sometimes drastically, with a result that usually degrading the quality of the original restoration.


In some cases, buyers may be tempted by these companies, particularly when the CD is available, and perhaps in their hands, whereas the CD from the companies of quality and integrity are sometimes less easily available.  Also, the price of these "knock-off" discs may be considerably less, since they have almost no expenses in the creation of the original content of the CD.


In any case, in my opinion, these are often simply processed copies of the work of others.  If my opinion is correct, then these labels should not be supported.  Here is a list of labels which I judge to be in this category:



Iron Needle

Classica D"Oro


Magic Talent

Magic Master

Availability of Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra Recordings


The modern CD restorations of historic 78 RPM material tend to remain available longer than the seemingly ephemeral life of many modern classical music recordings on the major labels (themselves becoming more and more rare).


However, as time goes on, some of the CDs listed here will inevitably no longer be available from the manufacturer.  In such cases, we will need to seek them from eBay, from Amazon, or other sources where used or deleted CDs of interest are sometimes sold.


Lovers of the art of Stokowski should seek to acquire these CDs from the sources listed below while they may yet be available.  As they say on television, "...this offer is for a limited time only!..."


A partial list of sources for these CDs:


CALA Records and the Leopold Stokowski Society


During the last two decades, the worthy Leopold Stokowski Society ( ) has produced, in cooperation with with CALA Records Ltd. ( ) several tens of excellent CDs, many of them including material from the eminent Stokowski scholar Edward Johnson.  Cala disks include a number of important recordings of Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra, all beautifully restored, usually by Ward Marston or Mark Obert-Thorn (or them cooperating together), and all with excellent notes and production.  As well as Philadelphia Orchestra recordings, CALA and the Stokowski Society have produced a number of recordings of Stokowki with other orchestras, such as "His Symphony Orchestra", the NBC and New York Philharmonic orchestras, and other fascinating recordings.


Cala CDs may be ordered directly by visiting their web site at  


CALA Records


CALA 0501

Stokowski conducts Philadelphia Rarities

beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Arr. Stokowski - Two Ancient Liturgical Melodies - "Veni Creator Spiritus", "Veni Emmanuel"

de Falla - Spanish Dance from La Vida Breve

Turina - Gypsy Dance, Opus 55 no 5 "Sacred Mountain"

Dubensky -  Poe"s "The Raven"

Prince Konoye - Etenraku - Ceremonial Japanese Prelude

McDonald - The Legend of the Arkansas Traveler

McDonald - Dance of the Workers from The Festival of the Workers Suite

McDonald - Symphony no 2 - Rhumba

Eichheim - Oriental Impressions - Japanese Nocturne

Eichheim - Bali - Symphonic Variations

McDonald - Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra

Sousa - Manhattan Beach

Sousa - El Capitan

Philadelphia Orchestra

CALA 0502

Stokowski Conducts First Releases

beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Leopold Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra

de Lisle - La Marsellaise

Schubert - Serenade

La Monaca - Saltarello

Stokowski - "Balance Test" March

Foster - Oh Susannah! (arr. Stokowski)

Handel - Messiah - Pastoral Symphony

Strauss - Salome - Dance of the Seven Veils

Leopold Stokowski - NBC Symphony Orchestra

Tchaikovsky - Solitude

Kelly - Adirondack Suite - Sunset Reflections

Tchaikovsky - Marche Slave

Leopold Stokowski - New York City Symphony Orchestra

Scriabin - Etude in C sharp minor (arr. Stokowski)

Schubert - Deutsche Tänze opus 33 - Tyrolean Dance (arr. Stokowski)

Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture


CALA 0521

A Russian Concert

beautifully restored by Mark Obert-Thorn

Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker Suite (1934)

Ippolitov-Ivanov - In the Manger (1934)

Glazunov: Dance Orientale from "Scenes de Ballet (1927)

Rimsky-Korsakov - Schéhérazade

Leopold Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra

CALA 0523

Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante, Beethoven - Symphony no 6 Pastorale

Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante

Marcel Tabuteau, oboe

Bernard Portnoy, clarinet

Sol Schoenbach, bassoon

Mason Jones, horn

Leopold Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra

Beethoven - Symphony no 6 Pastorale

Leopold Stokowski - New York City Symphony Orchestra




Andante (or, as they present their logo: "andante") is a company founded by Alain Coblence, a lawyer and the head of the European Mozart Foundation, and with funding by Pierre Bergé (of Yves Saint Laurent and the Paris Opera) which has produced a series of innovative CD albums having the highest production standards.  As well as rewarding to listen to, Andante albums are beautiful to read and to handle.  All recordings, including a series of Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra albums are carefully restored.  Each album is presented something like a hard-bound book, but the size of a compact disk.  Each such book contains many illustrations, often original, and program notes by the leading annotators, such as Tim Page. 


These are some of the most enjoyable such productions.  I recommend you buy now, since all too often in the past, such quality has eventually disappeared, and afterward was available only to a few collectors.  Andante also has an excellent web site, one of the richest in content, which may be visited at  


Note that since the above paragraph was written, the andante web site has closed, in spite of its excellent quality.  I have not rewritten the paragraph, above, and leave it as another example of the fleeting nature of many of the reproductions of the great music of the past.  So, take advantage of what is available today, including purchasing of the CDs featured on this page, before they are "gone with the wind".


Andante 4978 - 4 CDs

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra  

beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Schoenberg: Gurrelieder (1932)

Dubensky: The Raven (1932)

Hindemith: Kammermusik number 2 (1932)

Rimsky-Korsakoff - Hunt and Storm from The Maid of Pskov (1939)

Mussorgsky: Khovantschina Entr"acte from Act 4 (1927)

Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov - Stokowski Symphonic Synthesis (1936)

Glière: Symphony no 3 "Ilya Murometz" (1940)

Glière: The Red Poppy - Russian Sailors" Dance (1934)

Debussy: "Prélude à l"après-midi d"un faune" (1927, 1940)

Debussy: Three Nocturnes (1937, 1939)

Debussy: "Danses sacrée et profane" (1931)

Ravel: Rapsodie espagñole (1934)


This beautifully executed album includes Ward Marstons"s superb restoration of the April 11, 1932 live recording of Schoenberg"s Gurrelieder.  Ward Marston has restored this famous recording using both the April 11, 1932 78 masters, and certain sections of the April 8, 1932 78 masters which still survive in the Victor vaults.  He has also corrected certain errors in the performance.  He also restores two works originally recorded optically on film in 1932: Hindemith"s Kammermusik no 2 and Dubensky"s "The Raven".  A number of other rarities are restored in remarkable quality.  Highly recommended, and buy it now, before it eventually disappears.

Andante 1130 - 5 CDs

Richard Wagner

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra  

beautifully restored by Ward Marston

All works by Richard Wagner:
Rienzi Overture (18 November 1926 and 6 January 1927)
Lohengrin - Prélude to Act 1 (13 October 1927)
Lohengrin - Prélude to Act 3 (27 March 1940)
Das Rheingold Synthesis (4 March 1833)
Die Walküre - Excerpts (30 April 1934)
Die Walküre - "Magic Fire Music " Orchestral Version (9 April 1939)
Siegfried - Excerpts (10 December 1934)
Götterdämmerung - Excerpts (25 March, 29 April and 28 October 1933)
Götterdämmerung - Finale (6 January 1927)
Tannhäuser - Overture and "Venusberg Music" (23 September 1929, 14 March and 20 April 1930)
Tannhäuser - Overture and "Venusberg Music" (12 December 1937)
Tannhäuser - Prélude to Act 3 (arranged Stokowski) (15 January 1936)
Tannhäuser - Overture Dresden Version (7 November and 5 December 1921
Tannhäuser - Fest March "Entry of the Guests " (28 April 1924)
Tristan und Isolde - Symphonic Synthesis First Version (16 and 23 April 1932)
Tristan und Isolde - Symphonic Synthesis Second Version
Wesendonck Lieder - 3 Songs (22 December 1940)
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - Prélude to Act 1 (15 January 1936)
Die Meistersinger - Prélude to Act 3 (17 March 1931)
Parsifal - Prélude to Act 1 (28 November 1936)
Parsifal - Prélude to Act 3, "Good Friday Spell" (28 November 1936)
Parsifal - Symphonic Synthesis from Act 3 (7 April 1934)

Leopold Stokowski - Conductor (all Philadelphia Orchestra, unless indicated)

Restoration by Art & Son, Paris


Nicolai RIMSKY-KORSAKOV (1844-1908) - Scheherazade, Op. 35, 8 October 1934, Alexander BORODIN (1833-1887) - Prince Igor - Polovtsian Dances, 7 April 1937, Piotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) - Solitude, opus 73 no 6 (orchestrated by Stokowski, 19 April 1937, Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565, 6 April 1927, Georges BIZET (1838-1875) - L"Arlésienne, 3-4 May 1929, Camille SAINT-SAËNS (1835-1921) - Carnaval des animaux, 26-27 September 1929, P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) - The Nutcracker Suite no 1, 4, 10 November 1926, Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) - Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, 16 November 1936, Franz LISZT (1811-1886) - Hungarian Rhapsody no 2, 16 November 1936, Jean SIBELIUS (1865-1957) - The Swan of Tuonela, 3 May 1929, Incidental Music to Kuolema - Valse triste, 15 January 1936, Alexander SCRIABIN (1872-1915) - Poem of Ecstasy, Prometheus - The Poem of Fire, both recorded 19 March 1932, Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) - Symphony no 9 in e minor, "From the New World", 22 October 1934, Richard STRAUSS (1864-1949) - Death and Transfiguration, All American Youth Orchestra, 4 July 1941, Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH (1906-1975) - Prelude in e-flat minor, All American Youth Orchestra, 14 November 1940,



Biddulph Recordings


Among collectors of historic recordings, Biddulph has a respected place.  The Biddulph site gives the following information about their activities: "...Biddulph Recordings was first founded in 1989 by renowned violin dealer Peter Biddulph and violinist and former editor of the The Musical Times and The Strad, Eric Wen.  These two have been joined in 2003 by Sarah Woodward who has been running the Gramophone Award Winning Historical vocal label Romophone..."


Stokowski conducts Russian music (Volume 1)

Beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Reinhold Glière - Symphony no 3 in b minor "Ilya Mourometz"

Ippolitov-Ivanov - Caucasian Sketchers no 2 "In the Village", no. 4 "Procession of the Sardar"

Stravinsky - Firebird Suite (1919 Version)

Stokowski conducts Russian music (Volume 2)

Beautifully restored by Ward Marston

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Russian Easter Overture (1929), Ivan the Terrible (1939), Schéhérazade (1927)


Stokowski Conducts Music from France Volume 2

Beautifully restored by Mark Obert-Thorn

Bizet: Carmen Suite (1927), L"Arlesienne Suite no 1 (1929), Saint-Saëns - Samson et Dalila - "Bacchanale" (1927), Carnival of the Animals (1929)


Stokowski Conducts Music from France Volume 3

Beautifully restored by Mark Obert-Thorn

Debussy: Nocturnes (1937, 1939), Prélude à l"après-midi d"un faune, Danses Sacree et Profane, (1931), La Cathedrale Engloutie (1930), "Soiree Dans Grenade" (1940, Previously unissued); Ravel: "Rapsodie Espagnole" (1934)

Stokowski Conducts Tchaikovsky

Beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Tchaikovsky - Symphony no 5 (1934), Solitude (1937), Chant sans paroles (1928), 1812 Overture (1930).


Stokowski Conducts Dvorak - Symphony no 9

Beautifully restored by Ward Marston

"New World" Symphony of October 5, 8, 1927, plus Rodzinski playing and Stokowski commenting on themes. 

1937 Chopin Orchestrations: Mazurka op 17 no 4 op 33 no 4, Prelude op 28 no 24


Stokowski Conducts Beethoven and Schubert

Beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Beethoven - Symphony no 7 (1927), Schubert - Symphony no 8 "Unfinished" (1927), Music from "Rosamunde" (1927, including an unreleased version), Moment Musicale (1927) 



Biddulph BID 83072

Stokowski - The Complete 1925 Electrical Recordings

Beautifully restored by Mark Obert-Thorn

Camille SAINT-SAËNS (1835-1921) - Danse Macabre, Alexander BORODIN (1833-1887) - "Polovtzi Dance", Mikhail IPPOLITOV-IVANOV (1859-1935) - "In the Village", P. I. Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893) - Marche Slave and Symphony no 6 "Pathétique", - Andante Theme from the First Movement, Antonín DVOŘÁK (1841-1904) - Symphony no 9 in e minor "From the New World"

Pearl CDs


Pearl Recordings, a prime source of excellent restorations of historic performances, including of Stokowski, are a production of Pavilion Records.  


Pearl GEMM CD 9031

Stokowski Conducts Stravinsky and Liadov

Beautifully restored by Ward Marston

Liadov - Eight Russian Folk Dances

Stravinsky Petrushka

Stravinsky - Firebird Suite 1919, and Stravinsky - Pastorale and Fireworks


Pearl GEMM CDS 9098

Stokowski - Bach Transcriptions  

Beautifully restored by Mark Obert-Thorn

All Stokowski transcriptions of music by Bach - Passacaglia & Fugue in c (1936), Chorale Preludes: Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (1927), Nun komm der Heiden Heiland (1934), Wir Glauben all" an einen Gott (1929), Christmas Oratorio - no 10 Sinfonia - Pastorale (1929), Well-Tempered Clavier: Prelude in b (1929), Prelude in e b (1927) and Fugue in c (1934), English Suite no 3 in g - Sarabande (1934), English Suite no 2 in a - Bourée (1936), Violin Partita no 1 in b - Sarabande (1936), Violin Sonata no 4 in c - Siciliano (1933), Violin Partita no 2 in d - Chaconne (1934), "Great" Fugue in g (1934), Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C - Adagio (1933), "Little" Fugue in g (1931), Orchestral Suite no 3 in D - Aria (1936), "Mein Jesu was für Seelenweh befällt Dich in Gethsemane" (1936), St. Matthew Passion - "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden" (1936), St. John"s Passion - "Es ist vollbracht" (1940), Chorale Prelude - "Christ lag in Todesbanden" (1931) Cantata no 4 - "Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn" (1937), Chorale Prelude - "Aus der Tiefe rufe ich" (1930), "Komm, süsser Tod" (1933), Trio Sonata no 1 in E flat major - mvmt 1 (1939), Prelude and Fugue in e minor (1937), Chorale Prelude "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" (1939), Toccata and Fugue in d (1927),  Interview with Stokowski.

Pearl GEMM CDS 9044

Stokowski Conducts Shostakovich

Beautifully restored by Mark Obert-Thorn and (for Symphony no 7) by Ward Marston





Music & Arts

Music & Arts has produced a remarkable series of Stokowski restorations.  


Naxos Historical recordings


Sergei Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 2 and No 3

Sergei Rachmaninov

Leopold Stokowski and Eugene Ormandy - Philadelphia Orchestra

NAXOS Historical 8.110601 (note:  different side takes than in Mark Obert-Thorn"s Biddulph disk)

Pristine Audio - Andrew Rose  


Pristine Audio began in 2001 with the activities of Andrew Rose, a music lover and (among other things) a former BBC sound engineer.  Andrew Rose has, over the years developed techniques of restoration of historic recordings which are unique and proprietary (at least I do not know how he does the magic).  His techniques do not seem easily compared with those of, for example, Ward Marston or Mark Obert-Thorn.  In any case, the results, to my ears are extraordinary and effective, and for me, the enjoyment of the results is what counts.


Like all of the best restorations, Andrew Rose begins with the best original source material he can locate.  In the case of Leopold Stokowski, the source material often comes from the great Stokowski scholar and expert Edward Johnson.


Pristine Classical PASC 192 - The Acoustic Recordings of Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra


Pristine Audio has many restorations of recordings of Leopold Stokowski, including those of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  One of particular note is the restoration of many of the acoustic recordings of Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

  Pristine Classical PASC 192


This issue I would like in particular to recommend in particular - Pristine Classical PASC 192.  The issue is the first volume of restorations of acoustic recordings by Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra.  The transfers from 78 RPM disks has been done expertly by Edward Johnson, and the further restoration by Andrew Rose, using his skills and technology.  The result is far better than the quality of the restorations provided in the acoustic recoding pages of the site.  I understand that the sales of this reissue has been, like too many important historic re-issued, of limited volume, and therefore a second volume completing the acoustic Stokowski - Philadelphia Orchestra discs may not be forthcoming.  I would recommend everyone to purchase this and other such Pristine recordings so that demand will justify further supply.


Contents as listed on the recording:


- BRAHMS Hungarian Dance No. S in G minor (2:53) Recorded 21/10/1917.

- BRAHMS Hungarian Dance No. 6 in D (3:05) Recorded 24/10/1917

- GRIEG Anitra"s Dance from "Peer Gynt" Suite No.1, Op.16 (3:11) Recorded 8/11/1917

- MOZART 3. Menuetto, Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K550 (4:00) Recorded 9/5/1919

- WEBER Invitation to the Dance, J260 (arr. Weingartner) (4 :45) Recorded 9/5/1919

- BEETHOVEN 2. Allegretto Scherzando, Symphony No. 8 in F, Op. 93 (4:06) Recorded 20/5/1920

- WAGNER Overture to "Tannhauser" (Dresden version) (13:03) Recorded 7/11 & 5/12/1921

- STRAVINSKY Fireworks, Op. 4 (3:35) Recorded 6/11/1922.

- THOMAS Gavotte from "Mignon" (1:54) Recorded 613/1923.

- RIMSKY·KORSAKOV Dance of the Tumblers from "Snow Maiden" (3:43) Recorded 1913/1923.

- GOUNOD Waltz from "Faust" (3:07) Recorded 1/ 5/ 1923.

- WAGNER Festive March from "Tannhauser" (4:18) Recorded 28/4/1924

- STRAVINSKY Firebird Suite

    1. Introduction and Dance of the Firebird (4:20)

    2. Round Dance of the Princesses (3:32)

    3. Infernal Dance of Kashchei (3:43)

    4. Bercellse and Finale (4:45)

Recorded 3/10/1924

- LIADOV Dance of the Amazon, Op. 65 (2:37) Recorded 13/10/1924

The Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski


Please visit Pristine Audio and support their persuit of excellence.

Theo van der Burg CDs


Theo van der Burg is a well known expert on Leopold Stokowski and his recordings, as well as a number of other conductors of the twentieth century.  Theo has developed a new website which introduces his private collection of self-recorded music conducted by great conductors of the past; particularly Leopold Stokowski and Sergiu Celibidache.  His collection, which he has built over the last five decades includes recordings of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the NBC Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, The New York Symphony Orchestra, the Hollywood Bowl, the American Symphony Orchestra, as well as many concert recordings from Europe and North America. 


There is an amazing variety or recordings from his extensive personal collection.  Some of these recordings may be available in CD format directly from Theo van der Burg at his website.  Theo van der Berg


Guild Historical


All of the Guild recordings I have seen so far featuring Leopold Stokowski have been from his career after departing the Philadelphia Orchestra.  However, for Stokowski fans, there are some fine concert performances agailable from Guild Historical.  Click on the link above to explore.





Tahra is another quality issuer of historic recordings, well restored and in excellent productions.  At the time of writing, it does not have any Stokowski reissues, but its site is well worth visiting.



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